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Is Your Personal Data Actually Private? Not really.

Remove your personal information from Google and other search engines with DeleteMe

Over 99% of any personal data you have input in a form online, is possibly still floating around in cyberspace waiting to be scraped by data brokers, data miners, or hackers. Data that is supposed to be private these days very seldom seems to stay that way. What can you do about it?
There are many methods to this madness. However, only a few actually seem to work well enough to tell a difference. Getting your data removed from data brokers sites is time consuming, difficult, and the instructions to remove your data is usually vague. They want to keep your data for a reason and that reason is earning money through advertising or other means sometimes unethical.
If you or your family are tired of receiving robocallers, bogus debt collection calls, strange emails, or letters in the mail for things that have nothing to do with you then you need to check out DeleteMe.

Remove your personal information from Google and other search engines with DeleteMe
DeleteMe offers an affordable service to those who's data privacy is an utmost priority. You submit your personal info you want deleted from the several data brokers online and then the DeleteMe experts go to work. They will find your requested data, get it removed, and present you with a report in 7 days. Simple.
Sites they remove information from:

The service is billed either monthly, yearly, or for the best value every two years. It is affordable starting less than $9.00 per month for 1 person. It's rates are comparable to credit monitoring rates and I believe this service is just as beneficial. I actually enjoy receiving phone calls now because it's usually a job offer or something of importance rather than a robocaller that got my "supposed to be private" number from a data broker.
If you or anyone you know are dealing with the hassle of having your private data used against you in any way, signing up for DeleteMe will be a lifesaver. Be sure to read their user reviews and try their service, you will not regret it.

Protect your family! Keep your personal information private with DeleteMe.


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