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No Fee Home Security And Simple Setup with Eufy

Setting up a home security system is a much easier task these days with the many brands available to choose from. The task of setting up the system isnt really the hard part though is it? It's trusting a brand to perform consistently and effectively to make you feel safer while at your home and when you are away. 

Eufy security products do a great job of supplying everything you need to get started with a great system and the capability to add on  as your security needs change. Having a system that can adapt as our lives change is very beneficial for long term protection and security.

The latest Home Security kit from Eufy is a great start for anyone looking to increase their home's safety easily as well as decrease their anxiety. Worrying about your home and property is the primary driver for getting security systems to begin with. You care about your valuables and you should, you've worked hard for them. 

It's time to let a quality security system take the weight of worrying about your home off your shoulders.

eufy Security, Edge Starter Bundle 7-Piece Kit, Home Security, Security Camera, Video Doorbell, Entry Sensor, Local Security System, No Monthly Fee

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  • The Edge Starter Bundle includes: HomeBase 3, eufyCam 3C add on (x2), Video Doorbell 2K add on, Entry Sensor (x2), Yard Sign
  • Edge Security System: HomeBase 3 empowers your security devices with BionicMind and expandable local storage.
  • BionicMind AI Empowers Your Security: See the true potential of your security—providing facial recognition that differentiates between family and strangers with self-learning AI.
  • Local Expandable Storage: With eufyCam 3, you're in control of your own data with military-grade encryption. You can even install a hard drive (not included) to expand up to 16 TB of storage, all for no monthly fee.
  • HomeBase 3 will be compatible with most eufy Security devices by Dec. 2022


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