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Razer Ifrit Headset Review

     The SM4RT T3CH Product of the day for 7/27/2020 is a great headset from Razer called the Ifrit . The headset utilizes earbuds and a comfortable neck band to keep it in place. The built in microphone has excellent clarity and reduces background noise. The headset plugs into your PC with a usb adapter that allows for a second microphone input for audio splitting, mixing, or even for interviews.     This headset is primarily aimed at gamers/broadcasters, however, I currently use this headset for working from home. As a remote worker, conference calls are the new norm and zoom meetings haunt everyone's dreams. I struggled with clear audio for the meetings I run and attend, probably due to my ancient Logitech headset from 7 years ago. Upgrading to the Ifrit was seamless and easy. Just a simple USB plug and a single audio cable. Quality is much better and the external audio controller with a physical mute button is a nice to have.     If you are in the market for a better headset/mi