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No Fee Home Security And Simple Setup with Eufy

Setting up a home security system is a much easier task these days with the many brands available to choose from. The task of setting up the system isnt really the hard part though is it? It's trusting a brand to perform consistently and effectively to make you feel safer while at your home and when you are away.   Eufy security products do a great job of supplying everything you need to get started with a great system and the capability to add on  as your security needs change. Having a system that can adapt as our lives change is very beneficial for long term protection and security. The latest Home Security kit from Eufy is a great start for anyone looking to increase their home's safety easily as well as decrease their anxiety. Worrying about your home and property is the primary driver for getting security systems to begin with. You care about your valuables and you should, you've worked hard for them.  It's time to let a quality security system take the weight of

Eufy Homebase 3 with Cutting Edge Technology

eufy Security - Bionic Mind Meets Forever Power in 4k Detail


Smart Wifi Plug by TP-Link

I use one of these every single day to turn on my coffee maker in the morning. Set up my grounds and water the night before, and I can just press a button on my phone and bam! Coffee is a brewin'! Since I wake up at different times, it allows me some freedom of when to start the brewer. If you have a specific schedule you are trying to keep then you can always use this smart plug with a smart assistant like Google Home to setup a routine. Another great use for these are for any appliance or electronics you don't need on all the time like a Christmas tree or holiday lights. I also use one for my office to turn on and off my mini DIY air conditioner and for my rgb lights. It's nice to be able to set your office temp and mood before you even step into it, all from your phone! Control from anywhere turn electronics on or off from anywhere with your smartphone using the kasa app (compatible w/ android & ios)  Voice control works with Amazon Alexa, google assistant and Micr

5 Easy Ways to Fix Your Slow WiFi

Slow WiFi is the absolute worst! Especially when you are paying $50 to $100 per month for “blazing fast internet.” There are many reasons why your WiFi may seem slow on certain devices or in certain parts of your home or apartment. The following fixes should be done one at a time, and you should run a speed test after fixes to determine if you are improving or hurting your connection. I suggest using Speedtest and selecting a server close to you before starting the test. These tests can be run on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Testing all three would be the most thorough and best scale of how your wireless network is performing. Here are some great fixes and products to help get the speed you are paying for! 1. Pick Up a New Router Replacing the 3 year old router that came with your internet service is always a good place to start. This can actually increase your WiFi speed tremendously depending on the wireless transfer speed of the old router. Sometimes you will have a mode

Ring Security Tech Deals From Shop Smart Tech

  New Ring Security Products Several new Ring devices have recently come on the market to improve security and convenience at home. Take a look at a few we have highlighted here.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.   Ring Solar Pathlight – Outdoor Motion-Sensor Security Light     Perfect for walkways and pathways – a solar-powered pathlight that shines 80 lumens of light when motion is detected. Ring Bridge required (sold separately, available in Starter Kits) – to enable smart features, such as mobile notifications and customizable settings, connect to a Ring Bridge. Smart features – when connected to a Ring Bridge, get mobile notifications, set schedules, turn the lights on and off, customize settings, and connect to other Ring devices – all from the Ring app. Easy setup – connect to the Ring Bridge, customize your settings via the Ring app, and place in your ideal location. Powered by the sun – place your Ring Smart Light in direct sunlight to rech

Stay Secure Online - Free Password Safety Infographic

With Christmas literally here, it is that time of the year when staying secure online becomes more important than ever.  Understand that all these new tech savvy gifts you are receiving or gifting come with an exuberant number of possible exploits and personal data issues.  If you are gifting anything that requires an online login or account creation, be sure to hammer home the importance of quality password creation. It is understood that passwords less than 12 characters can be cracked with modern PC's in months or years. When was the last time you changed your password?  If it's been more than 6 months, go change it now. It's OK I'll wait......OK ready? I created the following info-graphic to be a constant reminder for anyone creating online accounts to go by. This will increase the security of your account and decrease the likelihood that your account will be compromised. It will not decrease the chance to zero because your online security relies on your a